Heads up for planned Train strike dates, from November 26th to New Years Eve.

Further strikes are set for 26 November, 8-9 December, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. CrossCountry trains will not run north of York or south of Reading, and services beyond Exeter to South Devon and Cornwall will also be axed. … Continue reading

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Twitter Research Mental Health Study, ADHD Patterns

Your tweets can say a lot about your personality, your sense of humour, and even your mental health, according to a new study. The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, focused on attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and compared … Continue reading

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Can this be applied to all neuro-diversities?

Do your ADHD symptoms worsen at certain times of the month? Is your thinking a little fuzzier the week before your period? Are you organized and efficient at mid-cycle? Doctors have noted correlations between symptoms of ADHD and hormones, not … Continue reading

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Shocking indictment on the times we have forced upon us.

Austerity has lead to an ‘estimated 200,000 extra deaths’ over ten years

The study looks at the effects of reduced health and social care spending on mortality.


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Jeremy Hunt was owned by Ralf Little on mental health and it’s a joy from start to finish The Poke


Jeremy Hunt ‘double dared’ Ralf Little to challenge him over the government track record on mental health care.

So the Royle Family actor did just that, taking down the so-called health secretary one glorious tweet at a time. It goes on a bit – there are 44 of them – but it’s worth every second of your time.

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About – REBOOT Notts

About the study

REBOOT is a study set up to see whether an online peer support website “Big White Wall” is more or less effective in helping people if they are experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety, compared to freely available online information from the NHS (Moodzone).


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Breaking news – Deaths in Sussex Health Care – Learning Disability England

Police are investigating the treatment of 43 people in the care of Sussex Healthcare, since the investigation has started, 12 of those people have died. Some are younger adults with learning disabilities. Their families must be distraught and our thoughts are with them.


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Difficult families? – Certitude

As ever, brilliant work from Marianne, responding to job description…

Sometimes you see something that just makes you fume! An employment agency has advertised a post working with SEND children and families that requires an ability to work with ‘difficult families.’


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Disabled Living Newsletter November 2017 by Disabled Living – issuu

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Dear Kids, When I fail… – WONDEROAK

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