May(be) the Fourth is with me then…

…sighs and runs for the red wine, chanting, it is past 6 o clock! It IS past 6 o clock!

Today I asked for something which I find absolutely crippling to do, it is widely assumed that I am in fact confident.

MWAH HA HA …it is the very opposite of widely known that I am in fact, not.

People on the spectrum come in all varieties, we’re not all Rainman and Sheldon Cooper types, we don’t all have ‘Beautiful Minds’, some of us, it would astound you to know, are NOT savants…yeah, I know? Who knew? Some of us are even female…I know…the kalidascope it just keeps on getting more wild. Ordinary folk who sit next to you on the bus, or queue quietly in the supermarket and other everyday experiences, where we fly under the radar.

However, many of us share the insecurity of being found out to be the actor that we truly are.

What if the truth was known?  What would that really look like?


So, back to the point…I have been researching venues by size, location and atmosphere for our inaugural gathering and today I approached the venue, and ASKED (insert panicky breathing and wide eyes) if it was okay if we could gather there.

I didn’t implode, like when a black hole forms.

I lived to tell the tale.

I am in one piece….and we can gather and, and, and

may the fourth





About idealistic autistic

Essentially brilliant, funny and autistic.
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