Dyspraxia, the Jon Snow of neurodiversity.

Today was a majorly dyspraxia heavy day for me…the ones that start with high level droppage rates…it began with coffee travelling much greater distances than it ever needed to, admittedly not as far as a troublesome coffee pot in the bedroom (one magnolia wall still needs decorating the 8 foot that went up in the air and did leave another sizeable scald) quickly proceeding with the smashing of plates …possibly due to the unexpected drop in caffeine levels…more likely just to be as a result of being dyspraxic.

Social  isolation  can be a common side effect, these are some of the days when I dislike going out, when like last week, again falling over in a shop when bending to pick something up, people make assumptions of the negative kind,  I know, I have seen it often. I am a bit of a mare on the dance floor…:) Perception difficuties are difficult to describe to someone who doesn’t experience it, I am often covered in huge bruises from bumps and bangs I do not feel or recall. Human dodgem is what i am…anyhoo, I am looking forward to bedtime..but have to socialise first…


N.B – I posted this two months ago, but was stuck in drafts…:)

This information is taken from the Dyspraxia Foundation, this is one aspect of how Dyspraxic individuals can struggle.

Perception (interpretation of the different senses):

  • Poor visual perception
  • Over-sensitive to light
  • Difficulty in distinguishing sounds from background noise. Tendency to be over-sensitive to noise
  • Over- or under-sensitive to touch. Can result in dislike of being touched and/or aversion to over-loose or tight clothing – tactile defensiveness
  • Over- or under-sensitive to smell and taste, temperature and pain
  • Lack of awareness of body position in space and spatial relationships. Can result in bumping into and tripping over things and people, dropping and spilling things
  • Little sense of time, speed, distance or weight. Leading to difficulties driving, cooking
  • Inadequate sense of direction. Difficulty distinguishing right from left means map reading skills are poor
  • https://dyspraxiafoundation.org.uk/dyspraxia-adults/

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