Autumn is coming!  

  • What a lovely activity this was with my long suffering step – daughter.  We had talked about it for quite some time,  having in depth discussions on hedgehog numbers declining due to destruction of habitat.  

We,  as a family are very lucky to have an allotment and have set aside a wildlife area,  and hedgehog house was a key part of this venture.  

Scouring the tinter-web for plans and houses,  I eventually stumbled on this one.  I was concerned about using plastic as it says to,  but it’s a reusable item for hopefully a hedgehog over its hibernation period.

Showing excellent Stanley knife skills. 

Result.  Although for some reason I felt it necessary to protect any future guests from a few rough edges… 

Yeah,  I know. 


About idealistic autistic

Essentially brilliant, funny and autistic.
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