First Steps Derbyshire – Emotional Overeating Recovery and Self Help Group Support

First Steps Derbyshire – Emotional Overeating Recovery and Self Help Group Support

First Steps is glad to announce that we will be offering support to young people aged 19 and under for those going through difficulties around binge eating disorder or emotional overeating.  Binge Eating Disorder is characterised by uncontrolled, excessive intake of any available food and often occurs following stressful events. Young people can feel unsure about how to deal with certain events in their life and food can be a real comfort during these times. This can create a routine that creates a cycle of positive and negative emotions.

We have started a recovery and self help group to support those young people with their difficulties and to offer confidential, tailored support.

Bi-weekly on a Monday evening from 6-8pm we will be running this group at our Derby city offices.

The schedule can be seen below, if you have any questions or queries please contact Lauren Gordon at or on 01332 367571 

5th September Self Esteem 14th November Avoiding Self Criticism

19th September Recovery Plan 28th November Compassion

10th October Motivation 12th December Dealing with Christmas

24th October Pumpkin Crafts 19th December Christmas Film Night


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