HS2,  the travesty and tragedy of capitalism and hubris 

I live in a small town, internationally   famous in a very quiet way for its superb furniture… Yes,  it’s a thing. Long Eaton is thrust into the limelight for being the most affected by this white elephant project. I live,  as many others do in a small rented house,  and the railway lines are opposite my house.  I can already hear and feel the trains as they pass through this town.. HS2 PROMISES more trains, at higher speeds… As an autistic woman this fills me with dread. .  HS2 is said to be up and running by 2026…we may get a viaduct that severs our small town in two…the sensory assault of the proposed build,  I can’t even imagine… Some days when it is hard out on the world,  I’ve had to remove my watch and hide it in the next room because each tiny tick was a hammer throughout my entire body… As usual the old, poor and sick will be stuck… We will become the latest in London overspill towns… This does not benefit us… Over inflated rents and mortgages are a certainty,  like we can afford it… Our landscape, heritage,  and quality of life will be violated by the actions of capitalists and we pay for the privilege.. Tax payers paying for the compensation NOT HS2 Ltd… Tax payers money paying for thr upkeep of the roads built to get to this monstrosity… and tax payers money will disappear out of the country every time a journey is taken. Devastated does not cover how I feel about our Conservative MP,  Maggie Throup.  As with most of the councillors who want  it to happen,  they will not be around to see the destruction the choose to unleash upon our children, and grandchildren,   the burden of debt they dump at their feet. They work for us? >>>Insert bitter laughter<<<


About idealistic autistic

Essentially brilliant, funny and autistic.
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