7 days of action – A trade in people.

(This post is based on our report A Trade in People)

Almost a year ago I remember having a social media conversation with a mum about the struggle she was having (and continues to have) getting her son home. For her and for many of the families involved with 7daysofaction, the justification for their loved one’s detention was no longer about them and their needs, it was about a system that had its own agenda. So over the last year we have been working to develop an understanding of the inpatient system and why the government and others, have struggled to reduce the numbers of people in inpatient hospital provision. Whilst the government’s strategies have focused on implementing Building the Right Support and rolling out Care and Treatment Reviews – which we support – we have been looking at how money and the growing influence of the independent sector is effectively creating a trade in people with learning disabilities and/or ASD.



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