Locked in for autism and why I despise it.

For the last few years at my nearest Tesco (aka Stress-co) store they have held a “locked in for autism” event – and it has always, for want of a better word, freaked me out, why would anyone chose to be locked in a glass box in public for all the shopping world look at you ?

As an autistic woman and parent to wonderfully neurodiverse children, we earned stares over the years, and maybe, just maybe it is meant to represent that,  we are locked in by others perceptions of what Autism is, this “fundraising event” it’s just so skin-crawlingly awful a concept, and as a consequence, I give the store a wide berth until it is over.

This petition has nailed why I hate it so much, the representation that you are locked in highlights institutional abuse of some of the most vulnerable people within our society and that Cauldwell are exploiting the goodwill of the people who do not know that our children and loved ones are imprisoned and locked away from community and family.



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