Creating opportunities, developing communities.

Prego! is aself help group based in Long Eaton, Erewash that aims to support people living with autistic spectrum differences and similar neuro-diversities. Aspies, ADDers, wives, husbands, partners, couples, carers, family members, siblings, are all welcome.

Prego! welcomes people who do not tick all the boxes for traditional support. No diagnosis is needed. Due to the location of being close to three counties, Prego! offers a ‘no borders’ policy, majority of meetings will take place in and around Erewash,we do meet in Nottingham and Derby.

Prego! is guided by peer support and self-help principles, it is not a service.

Prego! takes a holistic approach towards support and aims to develop group sessions to meet the needs of its members, with diverse guest speakers and opportunities.

Hi, I am Sandi Beers, the founder of Prego! I am an autistic parent who became an ‘expert by experience’ to four neurodiverse children, and I am currently living in Erewash.

In 2011 I graduated from a national leadership course funded by the Department of Health and an independent charity, http://www.in-control.org.uk/.

Prego! has direct access to inter/national network of over 2000 advocates (professional and experts through experience) in areas of,

  • social care/adult/elderly/learning disability
  • child services
  • health
  • personal health budgets
  • person centred planning
  • law
  • housing
  • employment
  • education.
  • holidays and travel

Prego! is an independent self help group that can offer information, guidance and support for individuals and or families with extra support needs, adhering to these key concepts; information, informality, inclusion, integrity and individuality.

Our aims and objectives.

  • To acknowledge the individual’s concerns, for them to feel listened to and valued.
  • To reduce isolation.
  • To increase the well-being of it’s members.
  • Committed to raising awareness.
  • Creating and providing opportunities.
  • To become less dependent on professionals/systems for support and look for alternative sources of support within the community.
  • Empower individuals/ families with information and support.
  • Promote person centred partnership working with professionals.
  • Creating an inclusive social network, in an informal setting.


One Response to About

  1. CRASH says:

    We share interests – I too describe myself as an expert-by-experience in all the same things expect
    personal health budgets, person centred planning, housing and education.

    However, I am also an ‘expert-by-experience’ in Total Quality Management pioneered by Toyota (Toyota Production System); adapted by Virginia Mason Medical Centre (Virginia Mason Production System); and currently being piloted by 5 NHS Trusts in UK. The results of the VMPS are inspiring – Google the VM Medical Centre – it is inspiring, potentially to the extent of being addictive to those with similar interests. (The VM Institute website is reached through Medical Centre website.
    Incidentally, don’t think this will encourage NHS hierarchy to have freebies to Japan (as did Virginia Mason) – I have checked: Toyota UK now run courses!! Also, the five NHS Trusts piloting VMPS are already running a series of ‘Kaizen [Continuous Improvement] open days’ with visits to the genba [place where work is done]. So only ‘freebies’ to the Midlands (no offence intended!) Anyway if you think a freebie to a Japanese company (in Japan or UK) will be a ‘jolly’ you’re in for a nasty shock!

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