Creating opportunities, developing communities.

Prego! is a fledgling self help group based in Long Eaton, Erewash that aims to support people living with  autistic spectrum differences and similar neuro-diversities. Aspies, ADDers, wives, husbands, partners, couples, carers, family members, siblings, are all welcome. Prego! welcomes people who do not tick all the boxes for traditional support. Due to the location of being close to three counties, Prego! offers a ‘no borders’ policy, majority of meetings will take place in and around Erewash, but could meet in Nottingham and Derby.

Prego! is guided by peer support and self-help principles, it is not a service.

Prego! aims to reduce isolation and increase the well-being of it’s members, raising awareness and creating and providing opportunities and an inclusive social network, in an informal setting.

Prego! takes a holistic approach towards support and  will develop group sessions to meet the needs of its members.

Contact Sandi Beers

Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.