Creating opportunities, developing communities.

Prego! is a fledgling self help group based in Long Eaton, Erewash that aims to support people living with autistic spectrum differences and similar neuro-diversities. Aspies, ADDers, wives, husbands, partners, couples, carers, family members, siblings, are all welcome.

Prego! welcomes people who do not tick all the boxes for traditional support. There is no need for a diagnosis. Due to the location of being close to three counties, Prego! offers a ‘no borders’ policy, majority of meetings will take place in and around Erewash, we also meet in Nottingham and Derby.

Prego! is guided by peer support and self-help principles, it is not a service.

Prego! aims to reduce isolation and increase the well-being of it’s members, raising awareness and creating and providing opportunities and an inclusive social network, in an informal setting.

Prego! takes a holistic approach towards support and will develop group sessions to meet the needs of its members.

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Check out events on Nottingham Asperger’s and Autism Group.